Welcome (back)

Welcome (back) to GrowingMyFood.co.uk 🙂

I am thoroughly excited to get back to blogging again, after a few years’ absence due to illness in the family. I decided to start the website again, entirely from scratch.

I will be covering what I was before – easy organic gardening on a budget. Let’s just say, I am the womble of organic gardening, like many an allotmenteer is in the UK.

What is a ‘womble’ you say? A character from my childhood – the wombles were a group of furry creatures who lived under Wimbledon Common. They were famous for ‘making good use of the things that we find’ i.e. creatively recycling random junk into useful things.

BBC children’s television characters from Wimbledon Common, ‘The Wombles’, 1974. (Photo by Tony Evans/Getty Images)

Gardening at home or on a small scale such as an allotment is the perfect environment for re-using and recycling things into productive and useful gardening items. It’s a great way to reduce waste, especially as most plastic items are extremely useful in the gardening environment.

I will also be covering gardening and technology, like I was before. This was one of my most popular sections on the old website and covers small (usually) tech items such as automatic watering systems, soil moisture detectors, etc.

Non-chemical weeding with the help of this robot called ‘Dick’ (part of the Tom, Dick, and Harry trio of SRC’s inventions )

Tech has moved on a lot since I last wrote about it, especially in farming where the Small Robot Company is making excellent progress in non-chemical methods of weeding etc. with their small robot tests ongoing at present (2020). Who knows, maybe there will be a consumer product coming from them in the near future?

I look forward to your comments, hints, tips, questions, and suggestions in the near future.

Happy Gardening!