Building a Simple Shed

I had a brainwave. We could build a kind of ‘open shed’ or pergola with a roof to store things at the allotment. We already have a small, lockable shed for tools etc, but this one would be to store low value things that just need to be kept dry e.g. bamboo poles, wood, coffee, grounds, and egg shells, etc.

The other good reason for it, is that we can use it to catch more rainwater. We have two IBCs at the far end of our allotment, and we currently have to transport all that water to the opposite end where are veggies grow. We are currently collecting water closer to the veggies by using the roof of a mini-shed on the neighbouring, unused allotment. But it’s not really ours, so I was always wondering about another way to collect water on our own plot…

So the rooved pergola/open shed is now OFFICIALLY HAPPENING! I found some cheap, 2nd hand wood (although it looks new?) on FB marketplace and my husband bought £5 worth of brackety things to connect the wood together. He has also sealed the base of the poles with ‘something’ to stop them rotting.

frame of our open shed pergola type thing with plastic corrugated roofing and guttering to catch water
This is the frame we built for the open shed. We have attached corrugated plastic to the roof and some guttering.

This is what it looks like so far – No sides, but a roof and gutters to catch rainwater. We now need to add a couple of IBCs to the side and a couple of pipes or guttering to divert the rain from the roof to the IBCs.

We have no water taps on our allotment site, unlike many council allotments which do. So we need to save all our own water and employ water-saving techniques such as mulching and covering and hilling up. I also just heard a new guy on our allotment has bought an auger and started making holes to pump his own water! It’s definitely something I’ve thought of, but not gone into any detail yet. I might just borrow his auger instead… watch this space!