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About Me


I started this site in around 2008 as a student with a garden… but the busyness of life got in the way and I also went to live overseas for a while, so couldn’t maintain the site. I wanted to track my journey of gardening, which has now grown to a very large allotment.

I spent much of my childhood on my Mum’s family farm in Ireland, and have fond memories of being lost amongst the enormous cabbages, ripping bits off them as a 2-3yr old girl and absolutely loving the fresh leaves. I have many powerful memories from this time. Another of my favourites was my job to clear out the ash from the fires in the house and spread it out under the blackcurrant bushes. This blackcurrants were simply delicious and could be eaten straight off the bushes!

I hope my site will inform and inspire you to try out or learn something new in the fruit and veggie world.

Best Wishes,


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