Growing My Food

How to Grow Your Own Organic Food

Gardening With Kids

Well, I have been neglecting this blog, it’s true. But something has been keeping me busy. As you can see form the photo, Anthony is growing up fast! Between looking after him, working, and writing/developing other blogs my time is…
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It’s Spring – Time to Plant Again!

The weather might’ve turned awful again, but here in East Anglia, we’ve had practically no Winter… So I’ve been down to the allotments we did manage to get our mitts on, and have been planting: Garlic – Solent Wight (actually…
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Long Time No See

The reason for my absence!!! I had a baby at the end of August, and have since managed only to pull a few veg out of the ground, and order a few fruit trees for our (hopefully getting soon) allotment……
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Gardening and Technology – Part 5 – Software Over the last few weeks, we’ve mostly looked at hardware technology for the garden. This week, we look at what kind of software is available to help you plan and track your growing plants.